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bioCOB Corn Cob Laboratory Bedding
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Bottom Up AdsorptionBioCOB - Advantage and Sizes

BioCOB is know for it's high adsobancy rate. BioCOB bedding properties allows the animal discharge to flow through to the bottom of the cage and then adsorb it from the bottom up. We call this "Bottom up adsorption". This bottom up adsorption keeps the top of the dry and the animal's comfortable.Rounder Corn Cob

BioCOB's corn cob is also know for it's Ammonia control properties. This odor control is excellent for individual ventilated cages and open caging facilities.

BioCOB's corn cob is virtually dust free, due to it's manufacturing process. This is another added advantage to individual ventilated cages, as it will not clog up the filters and vents.

BioCOB's corn cob is relatively rounder compare to all our competitor. This is to further enhance the comfort level of the animals.

BioCOB Sizes Available
BioCob come in 2 major sizes. 5mm - 7mm and 3mm - 5mm. We do manufacture 2-3mm and 1-2mm sizes upon request.

5 - 7mm 3-5mm

BioCOB Additional Information
Manufacturing Process
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Advantage and Sizes

Batch Test Report for BioCOB
- January 2010
- April 2009

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