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bioCOB Corn Cob Laboratory Bedding
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BioCOB - Corn CobBioCOB is dedicated in bringing you the best laboratory animal bedding that uses the finest corncob to produce a premium product. With stringent factory processes and quality control, only the best corn cob will reach your laboratory.

- Biodegradable
- Non Toxic
- Inert
- Adsorbent-holding up to 4X its weight of Fluid
- Available in various uniform sizes
- Tough resilient and durable

Highly adsorbent and help eliminate odors. It won’t stick or cling to cages or pens, allowing for easy clean-up. All natural corn product.

General Info
Cross Section of CobMaize is a ubiquitous agricultural plant. Although the corn is the main product, the plant offers other parts that can be of major interest for industrial utilization. Those parts that are usually not removed from the fields come in considerable mass: leafs, stalks and cobs left on the fields alone amounted to more than 500.000 metric tons in the state of Styria. This not utilized material offers an
interesting and valuable source for the production of various manufactured goods.

These materials are subsequently optimized for the following functions:
. adsorptive agent in hygienic applications
. adsorptive agent for oil on solid ground and soil in disaster control and cleaning application
. adsorptive agent for oil on water in disaster control

The development of products for ecologically sensitive applications from renewable resources offers advantages in terms of reduced pressures on the environment. Products from corn cob granulate may be used as adsorptive agents for as diverse media as water and odors or even cations. Corn cob granulate is inert and not toxic and can therefore be disposed of with relative ease.

Corncob consists of parts with different characteristics, namely-fine chaff, coarse chaff and wooden ring, which have various applications. Each part of the cob varies in its degree of fibrousness, absorbency and hardness.

BioCob’s are milled and dried using a unique technique. The product is precisely screened and thoroughly air-washed for uniform quality and size, in line with global laboratory standards.

BioCOB Additional Information
Manufacturing Process
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Advantage and Sizes

Batch Test Report for BioCOB
- January 2010
- April 2009

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