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bioCOB Corn Cob Laboratory Bedding
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BioCOB - Manufacturing Process

As the corncobs are introduced into the mill they pass through a hammer mill machine that produces corncob fractions. The corncob fractions are then heat-dried, using a rotary dryer system. The corn cob is heated from 60°C, over 15 minutes, up to 95°C, where it stays for 2-3 minutes. An aspiration process separates the woody-ring portion of the corncob from the pith and chaff portions. The particles are then sized and separated through a series of screens to ensure conformity in size and to U.S. standards.

The pith and chaff portions are processed through a pellet mill to produce the pelleted corncob product.

Manufacturing Process

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Manufacturing Process
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Batch Test Report for BioCOB
- January 2010
- April 2009

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