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bioCOB Corn Cob Laboratory Bedding
Paperlet Cleanest Bedding Material
PentHouse The dome enrichment toy

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At BioCob, we know that in animal laboratory, the precision and time that is given to the experiment is priceless. We know the animal that is involve in the test have given it's life for a honorable cause.

We know what is needed to support the research of this animal and we strive to provide the best for laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities.

BioCob, the best quality you will expect in us.

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- Biodegradable
- Non-toxic
- Inert
- Absorb up to melahirkan
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its weight of fluid
- Available in various uniform sizes
- Tough resilient & durable

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Paperlet Cleanest Paper Bedding in the world
- Clean Nesting Evironment
- Heat Retaining Properties
- Water Absorption
- Safe and Neutral Material
- Dust Free
- Zero Foreign Material

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Penthouse The simple and enriching dome house
- Hard wearing and Durable
- Chemically Resistant
- High grade, non-toxic plastic
- Red coloured
- Easily Wash and Stackable
- Comfort and safe environment

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Batch Test Report for BioCOB
- January 2010
- April 2009

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- Paperlet
- Penthouses

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